School Then Vs. School Now: What’s Better?

School is clearly a topic we like. We already talked about going back to school and about how to deal with your kid when they don’t want to do their homework. This time, we just want to point out some differences between what going to school nowadays is like, as opposed to going to school when we were kids.

We don’t want to sound like the typical grumpy person who always says things were better back in the days. Basically because we don’t think that’s the case. But we can’t deny school has changed a lot since the good old times, since we were innocent clumsy awkward students.

How Has School Changed Over the Years?

Writing Vs. Typing

Who doesn’t remember having to write by hand a whole essay about God-knows-what. Or a 50-page-long project about the different types of trees in God-knows-where. Even when proper typewriters and computers already existed, many teachers didn’t let us use them for our school projects. Instead, we had to do everything by hand. Which was boring. And exhausting…

Winner: Schools now

Sending notes Vs. Texting

Oh… those notes we received from our crush or from our BFFs and kept in our pencil case until the paper decomposed. Those notes we wrote and sent with utter carefulness, just in case our teacher caught us and read our darkest secrets out loud for the whole class.

Now, kids just text, which is a lot less dangerous and, therefore, a lot less exciting!

Winner: Schools then

Encyclopaedias Vs. Google

What. A. Nightmare. Apart from the fact that pretty much everyone owned the same encyclopaedia and, therefore, it was kind of hard to differentiate your essay from your classmates’. It was a pain having to search for stuff word by word, and then read it in that tiny font. And then adapt it to a human’s tone…

Live long and prosper, Google, for you have made homework a lot less of a pain.

Winner: Schools now

WordArt Vs. Minimalistic Design

Those bright and shiny titles, with lots of effects. All the effects. We thought that was the future, we liked things to be… seeable. Fortunately, our kids have more elegant alternatives.

Winner: Schools now

Blackboard Fun Vs. Smartphones

Back in the days, when teachers left the classroom, everyone would run to the blackboard and start playing hangman, tic-tac-toe… whatever game we came up with. Nowadays, most kids own a smartphone, so they just play whichever game is trendy at the time.

We still prefer drawing with chalk and playing tic-tac-toe!

Winner: Schools thenç

Being Sick Then Vs. Being Sick Now

Well, staying in when you were sick was always kind of OK. The thing is that, back in the days, if we wanted to watch cartoons, we could just hope there was something good on TV (or watch one of the Disney movies we owned and had already watched 95943 times).

Now there’s Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and dozens of channels for kids to go through their flu more happily!

Winner: Schools now

And last but not least…

Our educational games! Yes, we know, that’s extracurricular, but still pretty cool. With Kokoro kids, kids and toddlers can learn while having fun! And that’s never bad, is it?

So… what’s the winner?

  • School then: 2
  • School now: 4

Hey, this result made us sad too. But also happy. It’s great to see how our kids’ lives are getting better every day.

So, tell us, what do you wish would have stayed the same since your days in school? What do you wish had been like it is nowadays when you were in school? Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment here, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

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