La app para estimular las capacidades de los más pequeños


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They work on skills for their future while they play

+ 200 games for cognitive development and emotional intelligence to promote their moment of greatest brain plasticity (2-6 years).

How does it work?

¿Cómo funciona?

They are trained in 6 main areas of knowledge: Emotional intelligence, cognitive skills, logical-mathematics, communication and languages, art and creativity, science and ecology.

We influence the training of memory, attention, reasoning, perception, visuo-spatial organization, flexibility or planning.

The children have a great time learning

Kokoro’s adventure

Hundreds of games, videos and audiobooks created to stimulate memory, attention, reasoning or emotional intelligence.

Our adaptive method shows personalized content according to your progress in each area: mathematics, languages, logic, creativity…

El juego

The game

The protagonists will guide the little ones in their learning adventure.

soft skills

Soft Skills

We complement and reinforce school learning.



We boost their confidence by rewarding each small step they take.

Entorno Seguro

Safe Environment

100% ad-free, with parental control and time limit.

Personalized content

Science and technology to go where the traditional school cannot: an itinerary adapted to the way of learning and the progress of each child in each area.

Skills for your future

Content created by experts in neurodevelopment, for the early stimulation of cognitive abilities such as attention or reasoning and for the management of emotions such as frustration, anger, empathy or generosity.

Discover and enhance your child’s talent today


Upgrade to Kokoro Premium for limitless learning

Kokoro Basic

Limit 4 games per day

Limit 1 child profile

Basic progress reports

Kokoro Premium

Play without limits

Create up to 6 child profiles

Access all the progress metrics