Empower your children’s talent

Educational experiences that adapt to the way of learning of each child.

They learn by playing

The game as a conductor of all our experiences, so that learning is more valuable and lasting.

21th Century Skills

Developing skills for their future (logic, memory, emotions…) that complement curricular education.

Progress Area

Where parents can see how they are improving in each category; what he excels at and what skills can be strengthened.

Education that empowers

Learning that empowers

In a context where traditional education is no longer enough, we create educational experiences that:

   Adapt to each child’s way of learning
   Enhance individual talent
   Teach the necessary skills for the future
   Inform parents effectively

The power of
being different

No two children are the same, nor are two children who learn the same. And that’s wonderful.

Therefore, we offer solutions that adapt to the rhythm and level of each child in different abilities. Enhancing their talents and reinforcing areas for improvement. Thus, we fight to eliminate stigmas and labels, training all children and empowering them to continue improving every day.

Education that empowers

Our services

Kokoro Kids
Kokoro kids

The emotional intelligence and cognitive stimulation app for the little ones in the house. (2-6 years)

Academy Apolo Kids
Kokoro kids

The platform of educational courses and videos so that children learn based on their interests and rhythms. (7-15 years)

Apolo colegios
Apolo TV

If you are a school and you are looking for an interactive, personalized and inclusive learning solution, we have options for you.

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