22 Weird Things Kids Do that We Did But Don’t Understand Now

Sometimes our kids do stuff we just don’t understand. But hey, just a friendly reminder that we were kids too, and we totally did the same gross/weird things back in the days. We might feel very civilised now, but this wasn’t always the case. So we hope you enjoy this trip back in time list of weird things kids do that you find gross now but you totally did too.

Weird things kids do

1. Painting on walls

Sensitive topic, we know. But always avoidable with some chalkboard paint!

2. Mixing unmixable ingredients

Ketchup, sugar, raw rice, cocoa powder, water, 9348574 spices, and not everything nice. It’s completely normal, they see you cook, so they want to do it too! But honestly, ew. We recommend you try this easy home play dough recipe, that way, they will be able to train their fine motor skills while feeling like they’re cooking!

3. Getting up at 7am on the weekends

Someday they will understand the pleasure of sleeping in when possible. For now, they prefer watching cartoons before sunrise. And also waking you up, because breakfast, you know.

4. Laughing at someone’s physical pain

If you don’t know how to make your kid smile or laugh, just hit yourself with something. It’s hilarous, apparently. It’s true this is something adults still kind of cherish too. As in, when a friend falls, you immediately help them, but there’s always some unavoidable giggling.

5. Licking random stuff

Honestly, I once found my toddler licking the mattress. Quite passionately, I must say. I’ve also seen him lick the supermarket trolley (ewww), tables, bowls, walls…

6. Sleeping in random positions

Like, sleeping while standing up. Or sitting at the table. Oh… don’t you miss being able to just fall asleep whenever the context is just not exciting enough? We do.

7. Making weird noises with their mouth

Was it a fart? No, it was my baby.

8. Having a new boyfriend/girlfriend every day

Isn’t it adorable? Relationships came and went easily and with zero pain.

– So, how’s your boyfriend Paul?

– Paul? OMG mum, Paul is so two days ago…

9. “Customising” dolls

It hurts to see your kid cut their doll’s hair –many times without understanding it’s not going to grow back –. Or using pens as make up. And God know what other evil things.

10. Biting their toe nails

We’ve seen that, we promise. 10 in flexibility, 0 in hygiene.

11. Laughing uncontrollably at swear words

Swear words that many times are not even swear words. Saying “ass” next to a kid can and will definitely result in said kid laughing like crazy.

12. Having an imaginary friend

We tend to forget this, but we also looked super creepy when we talked to the air facing a wall.

13. Continuously asking “why”?

Their curiousity didn’t kill the cat, it killed us softly. With his “why”,

14. Eating food in funny ways

Like, torturing food that looks human or like an animal by eating it limb by limb. Also, this whole “it’s a plaaaane” thing is plain macabre. Why would anyone sane peacefully agree to eat a plane. They don’t want to eat their broccoli when we call it broccoli, but if we say it’s a plane full of people, that’s another thing. That is good. That they eat.

15. Puddle jumping

16. Betting things with themselves

As in, if I jump down three stairs without falling, it means I will pass my Maths exam.

17. Putting glue on hands and peeling it off

It’s like these face masks we use now, but even better.

18. Pretending the floor is lava

19. Having weird walking habits

Like only stepping on dark tiles, or on the white stripes in a crosswalk…

20. Taking their clothes off constantly

Which is something we already talked about, so check it out!

21. Trying to fit in doll’s houses

Well, they look so nice… Who wouldn’t like to live in one?

22. Collecting random stuff

Like pencil tips, and we totally did that too. And we boasted about our magnificent collection among our friends.

So this is all we could come up with. We’d love it if you shared with us those weird things your kids do that you probably did too when you were their age! You can tell us on the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter!

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